Cocaine Offenses

Cocaine in any form, rock or powder, is a Schedule II controlled substance under Georgia law. This means that possession of any amount of "coke" or "crack" is a felony punishable by two to 15 years in prison and significant fines. If you are accused of selling cocaine or any cocaine offense involving more than an ounce, penalties could be permanently devastating. There is also a high likelihood that your case will be prosecuted in federal court.

More Than A Decade Of Successful Felony Drug Case Experience

Atlanta drug charge lawyer David N. Ghazi has been providing compassionate counsel and aggressive defense representation for accused narcotics offenders for well more than 10 years. He has the relevant state and federal court experience to deal effectively with cases at any level of seriousness and complexity, including:

  • Cocaine possession charges against either first-time or repeat offenders
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute, a charge that may be filed due to how the drug was packaged and kept, even though it was for personal use
  • Drug trafficking, which will likely be the charge if you are accused of possessing more than 28 grams of cocaine
  • Multiple criminal charges arising from a traffic stop, raid, sting operation or other event leading to a drug arrest

Turn To A Lawyer Skilled In Motion Practice, Trial Work And Negotiation

Mr. Ghazi will take the time to work with you personally and grasp your most important goals. He will investigate all aspects of your case, including whether an illegal search and seizure or other violation of your rights occurred. He is adept at preparing and filing motions to exclude evidence, providing dynamic trial defense and negotiating with prosecutors to mitigate consequences for our clients.

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There is no time to lose in getting a qualified attorney involved if you are charged with cocaine possession, drug trafficking or any other serious drug offense. To arrange a free initial consultation directly with David N. Ghazi, call or contact us online right now.