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Drug-Free Zone Violation

Many people arrested for drugs in Georgia are shocked to learn that the specific location where they were arrested is a major factor in the penalties they face. An arrest in a residential area, on or near a college campus, in what has been designated a “high-trafficking” area, or in any of numerous other locales may be far more serious than you initially believe.

Know The Serious Consequences Of Enhanced Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a felony drug offense alleged to have occurred within 1,000 feet of a school, park, recreation center or public housing project, a major enhancement may apply, making decades of jail time and devastating fines very real possibilities. The same is true if you were arrested in any of metro Atlanta’s numerous commercial drug-free zones — regardless of whether you were aware that you were in such a zone.

The Law Offices of David N. Ghazi provides strong criminal defense for people facing drug charges for many years. We have offices in Atlanta and Augusta, and we serve clients in Savannah and all of Georgia. Whatever the substance involved and specific circumstances of your case, we will investigate rigorously and work with you closely to find the best strategy and approach for your case.

Our legal team’s experience covers:

  • A broad spectrum of marijuana, narcotics and prescription drug crimes at all levels of severity, including drug trafficking allegations
  • Trial litigation in both state and federal courts across Georgia, as well as negotiation to obtain pretrial intervention, reduced charges and other favorable outcomes

What To Do If You Are Stopped For A Drug Crime In A Drug-Free Zone

The most important thing for you to do: Exercise your right to remain silent. It is never a good idea to talk with the police about your case without first talking with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Rigorous Investigation And Strategic Analysis To Find The Best Defense

The scope and complexity of Georgia state and federal drug laws mean that every detail of your case matters. If you were subjected to an illegal search and seizure, if a charge of drug possession with intent to distribute is not justified, or any other viable angle of defense exists, we will explore and pursue that angle.

Your rights and your future matter to our legal team. If you or a family member is facing any type of drug charge, including one characterized as a drug-free zone violation, we will prioritize your case and go the extra mile in your defense. Call 404-907-1539 or 800-246-8586 (toll free) as soon as possible for a free consultation directly with a dedicated lawyer you can trust.