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Illegal Search And Seizure In Georgia

In any drug case, whether on the street, arising from a traffic stop or under other circumstances, it is critical for your defense attorney to consider many critical issues. The evidence against you may include not only the controlled substance itself but also paraphernalia, scales, packaging material and more. Whether officers had probable cause for the search and seizure, and conducted it properly are often pivotal questions.

Turn To A Drug Crimes Defense Team Proven In State And Federal Practice

If you or a family member has been arrested on a drug charge in Georgia, please do not assume that the outcome is a certainty because drugs were found. At the Law Offices of David N. Ghazi, we bring skilled, principled defense of our clients’ constitutional right. We will explore every possible defense strategy. Adept in motion practice in both Georgia state and federal courts, we have succeeded in getting key evidence suppressed in numerous cases.

Rigorous Investigation And Protection Of Your Rights

Our legal team will thoroughly investigate and evaluate issues such as:

  • Whether police or federal agents had probable cause to search your vehicle, person or home
  • If a search warrant was required, whether it was obtained properly and its scope was observed
  • Whether evidence in your case was handled properly every step through the system from the time of your arrest

If we can establish that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated through an illegal search and seizure, this could be a turning point in your case. The Law Offices of David N. Ghazi team will aggressively target acquittals and dismissals whenever viable, and we bring savvy and effective negotiating skills when prosecutors’ cases are extremely solid.

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Whether you are facing a charge of marijuana possession or a far more serious charge such as drug trafficking, the lawyer you hire could make all the difference. To consult directly with an attorney who will hear you out and go the distance to protect your future, contact us. We maintain full-service offices in Atlanta and Augusta, and we also represent clients in Savannah and across Georgia. Contact us for a free initial consultation.