Experienced, Aggressive Representation

Dedicated Defense For DUI Charges

If you are charged for driving under the influence (DUI), you are probably feeling a variety of emotions such as stress, fear and shame. Let the experienced DUI attorney at the Law Offices of David N. Ghazi assist you through this uncertain time. Everyone makes mistakes. We understand this and have defended numerous clients on drunk driving and drugged driving charges. Our deep knowledge of Georgia laws can help you seek your most favorable results at this uncertain time.

A DUI Arrest Can Carry Many Penalties

Being charged with a DUI in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah or anywhere throughout Georgia includes criminal consequences and a possible suspension of your driver’s license. Depending on your alcohol or drug-related charge, your car may be towed, and you may not be able to drive for a very long time. You need a knowledgeable attorney who can give you up-to-date advice regarding these and other matters in your arrest:

  • Possible penalties including fines, jail time, public service work, treatment time and the revocation of your driver’s license
  • Defense strategies and explanations of possible outcomes
  • Challenging blood alcohol content (BAC) tests and field sobriety tests
  • How to keep your driver’s license

Let our knowledgeable DUI lawyer review your charges and discuss your legal options in a free consultation. We are understanding with clients, yet tenacious when it comes to standing up for your rights in front of a judge. We handle all types of DUIs, including driving under the influence of drugs. Call and get back on the road as soon as possible with our help.

We Can Answer Your DUI Questions In A Free, Nonjudgmental Consultation

Any driving arrest involving drugs or alcohol is a serious charge that requires legal representation to obtain your most favorable outcome. We are ready and willing to help and will not pass judgment. Please give us a call today in Atlanta at 404-907-1539 or 800-246-8586 or contact us by email with your information. We respond to every inquiry.