Experienced, Aggressive Representation

An Experienced Firm Focused On Securing Your Best Outcome

Georgia courts and law enforcement offices take drug possession, sales and comparable offenses seriously. If you have been arrested for a drug-related crime in the Atlanta, Augusta or Savannah areas, you need a defense lawyer who will step in quickly to protect your rights.

The legal counsel you hire will almost certainly make a pivotal difference for your future. Choose a lawyer with extensive experience in negotiations and at trial handling cases like yours.

Protecting Your Future

Experience and dedication go a long way towards protecting your rights and future when criminal allegations threaten them. For more than a decade, the Ghazi Firm team has been stepping up to provide highly skilled, aggressive representation for people accused of drug offenses and other crimes. Attorney David N. Ghazi is an active member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) and a determined protector of each client’s constitutional rights.

Our legal team:

  • Has extensive negotiating and trial experience across the full spectrum of state and federal drug crimes defense
  • Investigates and analyzes drug cases with extreme rigor, often finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s cases and pursuing motions for dismissal or exclusion of key evidence
  • Knows every option available to accused drug offenders, including moving cases into drug court and seeking first-offender adjudication or pretrial intervention whenever possible
  • Interacts actively with each individual client to align his efforts with his or her unique concerns and priorities

Put A Skilled Advocate On Your Side Now

Whether you are charged with marijuana possession or trafficking in cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs or any other illegal substance, every decision you make going forward is pivotal. At the Law Offices of David N. Ghazi, we want those decisions to be based on reliable information. Let us help you through this troubling time and earn an outcome that enables you to move forward in life.

In addition to highly effective representation in Georgia state and federal drug cases, we also handle other criminal law and family law matters. For the clear, knowledgeable counsel and hard-driving advocacy you deserve, contact our firm right now. Email us or call 404-907-1539 (toll free at 800-246-8586) for help.