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What To Do If You Have Been Arrested For Marijuana Possession

An effective criminal defense doesn’t start in the courtroom or in meetings with your attorney in preparation for trial. Ideally, your defense work begins as soon as police detain you (even before an arrest is made). By following the guidelines below, you may be able to improve your odds of success in the criminal justice system after being arrested for marijuana possession.

Exercise your right to remain silent: There is an urge that we all have to try to explain our way out of bad situations. But once the police find marijuana on your person or otherwise in your possession, no excuse is going to prevent your arrest. It’s no use to claim that you didn’t know the joint was in your pocket or that the drugs belong to someone else.

More importantly, anything you say now will be used against you later on. By staying silent, you are not implying guilt. You are just preventing things from getting worse.

Remember as many details as you can: Police reports are written by the officers who make the arrest. If they violated your rights, failed to follow protocol or were engaged in other misconduct, none of that information will be included in the report. By making a point to remember details, you can discuss them with your attorney later on, and they could be useful in your defense.

Exercise your right to an attorney immediately: You have the right to consult with an attorney before answering any questions that police ask you. It is NEVER a good idea to talk to the police about your case without consulting your attorney first. They may try to question you before you are arrested, during the ride in the car or once you get to the police station. You can respectfully refuse to answer and request that you be allowed to contact an attorney. Then, call our firm.

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