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Drug Trafficking Defense In Georgia

Many people associate drug trafficking charges only with very large-scale smuggling and cross-border operations. In reality, while some cases do involve importation and highly organized criminal activity, you can be charged with drug trafficking in Georgia for a much wider range of activities outside of these.

Caring Yet Aggressive Defense Against Serious Drug Charges

Whatever your exact circumstances — from being accused of sale or delivery of more than 10 pounds of marijuana to offenses involving cocaine or prescription drugs — a trafficking conviction will be permanently life-changing. It may well be prosecuted in federal court, where mandatory minimum sentences apply.

You should absolutely seek counsel from a focused, established drug defense attorney. Lead attorney David N. Ghazi of the Law Offices of David N. Ghazi has been defending clients successfully against these charges for more than 10 years. Our firm has offices in Atlanta and Augusta, and we serve clients in Savannah and throughout all of Georgia.

With our firm, you will receive the full benefit of more than a decade of active, focused experience in the courts. We respond quickly and decisively to all client inquiries.

Rigorous, Aggressive Representation With Results-Driven Outcomes

Law Offices of David N. Ghazi has built a strong track record and reputation through our commitment to relentless, aggressive advocacy for our clients. We will recognize all that you have on the line in a drug trafficking case and explore every angle for avoiding conviction or minimizing consequences through attentive case building and negotiation.

Our experience covers a broad spectrum of complex, high-stakes cases involving:

  • Trafficking, sales and possession with intent to distribute substances ranging from pot to methamphetamine, OxyContin and Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Multiple charges filed in addition to drug trafficking counts
  • Marijuana cultivation and drug manufacturing allegations
  • Seizure of vehicles and other law enforcement actions that must be conducted in accordance with applicable Georgia laws

Prompt, Personal Attention To Your Needs

If your future is on the line because of a drug charge — or you are desperate to help a loved one who has been arrested for drugs — we are here to help in every way we can. For a free initial consultation directly with proven criminal defense lawyer David N. Ghazi, call us at 404-907-1539 or 800-246-8586 (toll free), or reach out to us online right now.